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Trung tâm báo cháy thường GST

  • Trung tâm báo cháy 16 zone

Trung tâm báo cháy 16 zone

Mã sản phẩm: GST116A
Hãng sản xuất: GST
Xuất xứ: China
Download Catalogue: GST116A_New (918,35 KB)
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GST116A Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel is designed in compliance with EN 54-2 1997 + A1: 2006 & EN 54-4 1997+A1: 2002+A2:2006 standard. It’s compatible with GST conventional detectors, manual call points and sounders. The panel is easy to install and operate. Control functions are enabled by a key switch. Programming functions are enabled by a key switch and an internal switch.

Features and Benefits

● 16 zones.Each zone can have maximum 32 conventional detectors. The total number of detectors and call points in a zone shall not exceed 32
● Each zone can be programed work as fire alarm (default) or supervisory alarm mode
● Each zone include 2 indicators, 1st indicator is bi-color( Red and Green), factory default to indicate fire condition. Red color on in case fire signal triggered; also can be programed to indicate supervisory condition. Green color on in case superisory signal triggered. 2nd abmer indicator flashes when the zone is in fault condition(0.5:0.5). And it illuminates steadily when the zone is disabled or in test mode.
● 1x Alarm output can be setup as 24V or N/O,N/C

● 3x sounder outputs, output 1 can be setup 24V or N/O N/C, output 2 and 3 only work as 24V output
● 1x Disable/supervisory relay ouput (N/O COM N/C)
● 1 x Fault output (N/O COM N/C)
● 1x Auxilary power output: output current 450mA in standby mode and Maximum 1000mA in alarm mode when the Alarm Output been set to a normally open/close contact type
● Able to report short circuit and open circuit of detection zones, sounder outputs and alarm output
● Designed with standby batteries and space provision for two sealed lead-acid batteries
● Easy operation to enable/disable zones, sounder outputs and alarm output
● Alarm Test function selectable with or without sounder notification
● Output programmable for interlink between zones and sounder outputs, alert or evacuate tone, with or without delay
● Different Silence/Reset/Test modes can be selected to meet local requirement
● Remote controls available for silence evac and reset
● Three access levels settable via key control
● Reserved repeater panel interface for fire alarm indication of multiple zones

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