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Hochiki Conventional Smoke Detector

  • Direct wire photoelectric smoke detector

Direct wire photoelectric smoke detector

Code: SLR-835B-2/-4
Manufacturers: Hochiki
Origin: USA
Download Catalogue: SLR-835-2-4 (80,04 KB)


• Low Profile - Only 2.0" High.

• 2 or 4 Wire Models

• Highly Stable Operation, RF/Transient Protection

• Two built-in power/sensitivity supervision/alarm LED's

• Non-Directional Smoke Chamber

• Vandal Resistant Security Locking Feature

• Removable smoke labyrinth for cleaning or replacement

• Automatic Sensitivity window verification function meets outlined requirements in NFPA 72, Inspection,Testing and Maintenance. 


The HOCHIKI America SLR-835B Series can be used in all areas where Photoelectric Smoke Detectors are required. It is suited for smoldering or flaming fires. 


The SLR-835B Series photoelectric smoke detector utilizes two bicolored LEDs for indication of status. In a normal standby condition the LEDs flash Green every 3 seconds. When the detector senses that its sensitivity has drifted outside the UL listed sensitivity window the LEDs will flash Red every 3 seconds. When the detector senses smoke and goes into alarm the status LEDs will latch on Red. The unit is comprised of an LED light source and silicon photo diode receiving element. In a normal standby condition, the receiving element receives no light from pulsing light source. In the event of fire, smoke enters the detector and light is reflected from the smoke particles to the receiving element. The light received is converted to an electronic signal. Signals are processed 


  • Light Source: GaAlAs Infrared LED
  • Voltage: Nominal: 12 VDC or 24 VDC Working: 8.0 - 35.0 VDC (35.0 VDC Max)
  • Wave Form: Filtered DC 15% Ripple Max.
  • Alarm Current: 150mA Maximum
  • Surge Current: 200μA Maximum (2 wire)
  • Average Stand-By 38μA AVG @12 VDC Current: 55μA AVG @24 VDC 70μA AVG @35 VDC
  • Ambient Temperature: 32° F - 120° F (0° C - 49° C)
  • Sensitivity Test Feature: Automatic Sensitivity Window Verification Test 

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