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Fire Alarm Control Panel

  • Fire alarm control panel (25/30/35/40/45/50 zone)

Fire alarm control panel (25/30/35/40/45/50 zone)

Manufacturers: Hochiki
Origin: Japan


1. Multi purpose zone configuration

- Versatile zone configuration to suit various alarm need. (Zone 1 is preset and fixed for fire alarm only)

2. Light weight and compact in size

- 550mm(W) X 850mm(H) X 130mm(D), Approximately 25Kg (RPQ40), 550mm(W) X 1100mm(H) X 160mm(D), Approximately 30Kg (RPQ50)

3. Easy installation

- By means of ‘Wire Insertion’ terminals

- Wide internal cabinet space of easy wiring

- 180 degree wide panel door opening

4. Time delay function

- Serves to minimize false fire alarm and improve the reliability of automatic fire alarm systems. By verifying whether fire-related signals are being received continuously over a certain period of time before activating the alarm and is able to dismiss many cases of potential false alarm.

- The time delay function works when 9 seconds after the first fire signal is received, this product will reset the detector for 1 second. If a second fire signal is received within the next 40 seconds, it will then recognize it as an outbreak of fire and activate the fire alarm.

5. New functions

- Improved lightning surge protection

- Easy configuration of local bell and interlock release control, which can be monitored from the zone panel.

- ‘Hands-free’ intercom communication at control panel

- Voltage display for ‘Stand by Battery’ test

- Zone open circuit monitored 

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