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Fire Alarm Control Panel

  • 8-24 zone FACP
  • 8-24 zone FACP

8-24 zone FACP

Code: HCP-1008EDS
Manufacturers: Hochiki
Origin: Canada

Hochiki’s HCP-1000 Series microprocessor based fire alarm control panels are multi-zone units designed for maximum flexibility and easy installation and operation. Fully configurable from the front panel using push buttons and DIP switches, the HCP-1000 Series enables the user to configure the system to meet their specific requirements. With a large capacity of supervised Class A (Style D) or Class B (Style B) initiating circuits and supervised Class A (Style Z) or Class B (Style Y) indicating circuits, the HCP-1000 Series is designed to meet virtually all applications.

The HCP-1000 Series consists of a main fire alarm chassis which houses and controls all other modules. Additional modules may be installed to configure the system to meet any requirements that the user may have. The HCP-1000 Series allows for additional indicating circuits, initiating circuits and relay modules to be added to the system.

Equipped with configuration DIP switches on the main display module, the HCP-1000 Series fire alarm control panels are configured through a combination of DIP switch and button settings. Through this configuration method the user can define the system as a Single Stage or Two Stage operation as well as perform various functions such as a One Man Walk Test.


  • UL 864 9th edition Listed
  • Large system capacity
  • Modular design
  • Each indicating circuit can be configured as Silence Able or Non-Silence Able
  • Audible may be configured as Steady, Temporal Code, California Code or March Time
  • Each initiating circuit can be configured as Alarm, Supervisory, Waterflow or Trouble
  • Two LEDs per initiating circuit; one for Trouble and one for Status
  • Initiating and indicating circuits may be individually disconnected by a DIP switch
  • Configurable Signal Silence Inhibit, Auto Signal Silence, Two-Stage Operation and One Man Walk Test
  • Subsequent Alarm, Supervisory and Trouble operation
  • Two outputs for 4 wire resettable smoke power supply (200 mA Max. each)
  • Auxiliary relay contacts for Common Alarm and Common Supervisory as well as a Common Trouble Relay (Each relay contact Form C, 28 VDC @ 1 Amp (resistive))
  • RS-485 Interface for HRA-1000 Remote Multiplex Annunciators
  • Interface for Remote Trouble Indicator
  • Easy configuration via push buttons and DIP switches on the front panel
  • Fully site or field programmable indicating circuits and auxiliary relays
  • Extensive transient protection
  • Slide-in labels for zone identification
  • 6 Amp or 12 Amp power supplies available
  • Removable door for easy installation and servicing
  • Removable terminal blocks for easy wiring and servicing

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