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Hochiki Addressable Annunciator & Graphic

  • LCD Network Annunciator

LCD Network Annunciator

Code: FN-LCD-N
Manufacturers: Hochiki
Origin: UK


• 320 character liquid crystal display (8 line x 40 character)

• LED indicators for Fire, Trouble, Supervisory, Pre-alarm, Fire Output Active, AC Power, On Test, Panel Sounder Silence, Delay Active, More Events, Point Bypassed, General Trouble, Power Trouble, System Trouble & NAC Trouble • Dual RS485 ports for primary fire network

• Slave RS485 port for expansion board network

• Built-in RS232 PC interface for programming via loop explorer

• Built-in RS232 serial printer interface

• 4 on board Form C relays rated at 1 Amp at 30VDC (Fire, Supervisory, Trouble & Auxiliary)

• Same controls as the FireNET fire panel (Reset, Buzzer Silence, Lamp Test, Alarm Silence, Alarm Re-sound, Fire Drill, & Programmable Function)

• Local piezo sounder for event notification

• Supports user codes & firefighter key to enable access & controls

• Powered by FireNET Aux 24VDC or UL fire listed Aux. 24VDC supply

• Available in red or charcoal, and can be surfaced or flush mounted (using trim ring)

• True network annunciator, any or all panels can be routed to the FN-LCD-N. In addition, each event category can be individually routed to the FN-LCD-N

• Up to (64) FireNET panels & FN-LCD-N's can be networked together in any combination

• 500mA of auxiliary power available rated at 24VDC.

• Auto-learn feature

• Built-in help & alarm information screens

• Fire drill function

• Each FN-LCD-N is completely independent

• Supports up to (32) FN-4127-IO, (16) input output boards on RS485 expansion port

• The FN-LCD-N can be configured to remote reset, silence, resound, any or all panels on the network in any combination

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