Repeater Panel

  • Graphic Repeater Panel

Graphic Repeater Panel

Code: GST8903
Manufacturers: GST
Origin: China
Download Catalogue: GST Mimic GST8903 (80,68 KB)

GST8903 graphic  repeater panel  (MIMIC panel) is  a  remote  indication  unit  of GST  addressable system. In case of fire or fault, the repeater panel will  show  the  message  by  specified  LED  in certain position of  the  layout drawing,  indicating the exact location clearly.


  Up to 100 LED indication points

  Local buzzer alarm and mute

  Custom Graphical layout to project requirement

  Programmable to display zones or individual device

  Programmable to indicate Fire, action and Fault conditions

  A3, A2, A1 and A0 sizes