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GST Fire Alarm control panel

  • 8 loop GST Fire Alarm Control Panel

8 loop GST Fire Alarm Control Panel

Code: GST-IFP8
Manufacturers: GST
Origin: China
Download Catalogue: Trung tâm GST IFP8 (906,14 KB)

Technical Specification

-Standard :4 Part 2/4 ; BS5839 Part 4

-Approvals :LPCB -Main Input Voltage:0 ± 10% VAC 50/60 Hz -Input Current Rating:1Amphere

-System Operating Voltage: 4 VDC Nominal (20-27 VDC)

-Loop Capacity:p 10:242- Address per loop

-Loop Topology :class A and Class B

-Zone Capacity:999 Zones programmable

-Sounder Circuits (3):

    +fire Routing: 200mA /24Vdc/4.7KΩ EOLR

    +F.P.E. Output: 500mA /24Vdc/4.7KΩ EOLR

    +Sounder Circuit Output: 1A /24Vdc/4.7KΩ EOLR

    +Dry Contact: Optional C-9302 module

-Fuses :Mains 2A (20mm A/S ceramic)

-Common Fault Relay Output:volt-free changeover 1.0A at 24 VDC

-24 VDC Fused Output :maximum load 500mA at 17-28VDC

-Standby Batteries:twin 12 Vdc Bat;38AH

-Battery Charging Current Limit :2A/24Vdc

Selection of GST-IFP8 compatible addressable devices and Panels

- GSTGMC Colour Graphic and Display System

- GST200-2/N Fire Alarm Panel

- GST5000W/2/4 Intelligent Fire Alarm Controller

- GST5000R/C 1-20 Loops Intelligent Fire Alarm Controller

- GSTGMC Graphic Monitor Software

- GST-NRP01 Network Repeater Panel

- GST852RP LCD Passive Repeater Panel

- GST8903 Mimic Panel - DI-910N Digital Intelligent Detector Series

- DI-920N Digital Manual Call Point Series

- DI-9400 Addressable Sounder Series

- I-910N Intelligent Analogue Detector Series

- I-9202 Addressable Manual Call Point Series

- I-9300 Addressable Series interfaces (Complete range for all requirements)

- I-9400 Addressable Series Sounders and strobes

- I-9600 Intelligent Series Combustible gas detectors

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