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FM 200 system- Tyco Hygood

  • FM-200® Container

FM-200® Container

Code: FM-200® Tyco Hygood
Manufacturers: Tyco
Origin: UK/USA
Download Catalogue: Tài liệu FM-200 (996,53 KB)

   The container assembly consists of a container fitted with a valve and internal syphon tube, factory filled with FM-200®, and super-pressurised with dry nitrogen to 25 bar @ 21 °C (360 psi @ 70 °F). Containers sharing the same manifold shall be equal in size and fill density. Containers are finished in red and are available in various sizes. A nameplate is fixed to the container displaying the agent weight, tare weight, gross weight, fill density, charge date and fill location.

Technical InformationThe 4.5, 8 8, 16, 32, 5 52, 106, 147 and 180 litre containers are manufactured in accordance with DOT 4BW500 or 4BW450, the 343 litre container in accordance with DOT 4BW450 and the 40, 6 67.5 5 and 8 80 litre containers in accordance with DOT 3AA 58 58 580.
Material: Carbon Steel


Hydraulic test pressure: 69.0 bar (1000 psi)

Working Pressure: 34.5 5 bar (500 psi)

Hydraulic test pressure: 62.1 bar (900 psi)

Working Pressure: 31.0 bar (450 psi)

Hydraulic test pressure: 70.0 bar (1015 5 psi

Working Pressure: )40.0 bar (58580 psi)
Paint Specification: Red epoxy polyester or red polyester powder coated

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